NAI Global Market Outlook Focuses on Growth of US Commercial Real Estate Market

Posted on 6/19/2015 by Isagani Firm Goleta

New York, NY – June 19, 2015 –The outlook for the commercial real estate market appears stronger in the US than the rest of the world. That was the shared consensus between Sam Zell, Chairman of Equity Group International and Dr. Peter Linneman, NAI Global Chief Economist. The two renowned real estate experts were featured on a panel discussion in Chicago this week at the annual NAI Global Market Outlook. Over 550 individuals from NAI Global Member firms and their clients attended the event.

“Sam Zell is a legendary industry visionary, and we are honored that he was able to participate in our Global Market Outlook,” said Jay Olshonsky, President of NAI Global, who moderated the discussion. “We are proud to offer our Members and their clients access to this level of industry insight.”

The presentation looked at factors driving the commercial real estate market, including significant availability of capital, geopolitical unease, interest rates, demographic changes and overall demand for space. Linneman anticipates three to four more years of growth.  He noted that debt capital is flowing, and demand for space is up with supply picking up but still lagging. Zell’s outlook was less optimistic, although he did acknowledge the state of the market is better than it was earlier in the economic recovery. Zell stated that he doesn’t “remember a period when there were so many black swans,” citing geopolitical events in the Middle East and Ukraine that could affect the global economy.

Technology has been the biggest driver of growth in the office sector. “Technology businesses are thriving on the availability of capital,” said Zell. Both Linneman and Zell wonder if a decreased demand for space in the technology sector would tip the US real estate markets. Zell pointed to other aspects of technology that could have on the commercial real estate market overall, including increased applications of Artificial Intelligence, which he said “is moving not slowly but exponentially” and that the impact is yet undetermined.

International investing in the US commercial real estate market is happening but Zell believes it is dramatically less than recent headlines would suggest, and that the market is not being driven by foreign capital. He said that it is playing a role in the US, but it has done that since the country was founded. He said the US needs to go back to a focus on growth and for years the country had a perpetual growth rate.

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